Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

We think beyond the device to keep brands and consumers constantly connected.

We see a difference between mobile and mobility. Mobility is about us, consumers, and how our mindset and tendencies have changed.

  • MXM Mobile, formerly known as The Hyperfactory, has delivered innovative mobile solutions for the world’s leading brands. Established in 2001, it was ahead of smartphones, iOS and Android.  There were thousands of handsets across a plethora of carriers creating complications in delivering mobile messages.  Our focus was developing campaigns that worked seamlessly across every phone, thus a mission we trademarked as “No Mobile Left Behind”. 

  • A few years later, things changed considerably. With the launch of the iPad, it was no longer about the phone but the device. It was no longer about mobile, but screens.  So our mission evolved from “No Mobile Left Behind” to “No Screen Left Behind”.  Today, mobile is no longer about talking… but viewing, playing, buying, engaging, altering how we consume content – no matter the time, the location or the age. As a result, we are facing another evolution where "No People are Left Behind." 

    We believe mobile is about being connected while untethered. Mobile is any device that can connect - not just your phone or tablet but your watch, car, shopping cart, refrigerator and beyond. Soon, no one will be far from something that is connected. 

  • As a result, we see a difference between mobile and mobility.  Mobile is about the technology, the hardware, the operating system.  Mobility is about us, as consumers, and how our mindset and tendencies have changed.  We know that best mobile marketing opportunities lie in how you connect with a consumer, regardless of the technology.

    We balance proven technical expertise with a deep understanding of clients’ brands, their consumers, and the ever-changing mobile landscape through two primary offerings:

  • Strategic services

    • Mobile strategy development, road mapping, auditing and benchmarking
    • Organizational readiness & business planning
    • Campaign ideation
    • Content planning & creation
    • Relevant, engaging mobile UI/UX
    • Mobile media strategy, planning and buying
    • Location-based services
    • Mobile metrics & analytics
    • App store optimization
    • Mobile messaging (SMS, MMS, push notifications)
  • Technology services

    • Technical/platform strategy and design
    • Solution and information architecture
    • Mobile website / HTML5 development
    • Agile-based app engineering and development
    • Augmented reality
    • Image and voice recognition
    • Content management systems
    • Enterprise integration
    • Dedicated R&D lab
    • Partnerships with Google, Apple and beyond

We believe the idea, built from consumer insights, should drive the solution, not the technology.

We are the most awarded and recognized mobile specialist in the world.

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