Learning: Ways to Improve Performance

Learning: Ways to Improve Performance

We believe expertise plus imagination equal remarkable solutions. We're not just about training. We use learning to change behavior and improve performance.

  • Originally BIG Communications, a leader in sales training, communications, and live events, our Learning practice has brought our proven expertise in sales force effectiveness to a new depth and breadth of clients. We’ve evolved to meet the changing business needs of clients across a wide range of industries as a dedicated Sales Force Performance consultancy and a team that knows the road to success is through learning.

  • Did You Know?

    While we create measurable and motivational learning programs for a wide range of clients, we are a leader in providing performance-changing learning in the highly regulated pharmaceutical and biotech industries. It’s where we began and we are still firmly entrenched. Click here for more information on our health practice.

  • Services

    • Sales force effectiveness
    • Measurable learning and sales force performance improvement
    • Adaptive learning and eLearning strategy
    • Instructional design and medical writing
    • KOL engagement
    • Strategy and tactical planning
    • Web design, graphic design, and art direction
    • Content creation
    • Audio/video engineering and production
    • Live and virtual event production
    • Market research and analysis
    • Mobile marketing

Measurement is the first step towards improvement. What gets measured gets improved, and what gets improved gets results.

" … intensifying competition, advances in technology, and shifts in customer preferences [require that]…Organizations learn more than ever as they confront these mounting forces."

Harvard Business Review

Market Leader in Sales Force Effectiveness Solutions.

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