Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Relationships between brands and their consumers matter more than ever.

  • Customer Relationship Management has been a core capability of MXM since our inception, more than 43 years ago. Since then we have evolved, improving data analytics, fueling more precise targeting, and creating engaging messaging and optimization.

    We invest in proportion to customer value, using content to address immediate consumer needs, and creating relevance based on a deep understanding of the audience: their lifestage, lifestyle, behaviors, and attitude.

    Consumers expect distinct, timely and personal communications, appropriate to the maturity of their relationship with a brand.

  • Our approach is integrated across channels and devices, reflective of consumer preferences as well as actions, and a focus on guiding consumers to take the “next best step” along their journey.

    • Program Definition
      • Business Objectives
      • Targeting and Segmentation Strategy
      • Test Matrix Design
      • KPI Identification and Measurement Plan
    • Best-in-Class Cross-Channel CRM Program Design and Implementation
      • Lead Generation and Management
      • Customer Acquisition
      • Loyalty and Advocacy
      • Win-back and Re-activation
    • Content Strategy, Development and Optimization
      • Multi-channel CRM Content Integration: mail, email, social, mobile, digital
      • Co-branded Partnerships and Promotions
    • Data and Analytics
      • Database Design, Build and Management
      • Campaign Management Technology Platforms
      • Automated Creative and Message Testing
      • Predictive Modeling
      • Measurement and Optimization
      • Dashboard Development and Management

"Understanding is a two-way street."

Eleanor Roosevelt

We have a proven track record of delivering large-scale CRM infrastructures, programs, and results.

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