Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Our strategic analytics is the engine that enables content-powered engagement in a hyper-connected world.

  • At many agencies, analytics and measurement are a separate discipline, far removed from the actual design, development, and deployment of campaigns. However, our analytic advantage lies in the fact that we have embedded our campaign design, insight, management, and measurement capabilities into a seamless competency.

    • Strategic analytic leadership
    • Experts in predictive and descriptive analytics across all channels
    • Design, development and deployment of browser based, interactive dashboards
    • Fully integrated campaign execution with expertise in multiple campaign automation platforms
    • Email design, development and deployment utilizing multiple email platforms
    • Full complement of database technologies and support staff

"Most people use statistics the way a drunkard uses a lamp post, more for support than illumination."

Mark Twain

We manage and execute over 2,700 campaigns and over half-a-billion emails per year on behalf of our clients.

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