• Is content still king? Perhaps; but more accurately, the consumer is king and content is the coin of the realm.

    Marketers are operating in a content-driven world, whether ready for it or not. Every day, consumers evaluate and make decisions about a brand based on the content they’re interacting with: your website. An email you sent. A recommendation from Yelp. A video the brand (or maybe a total stranger) posted on YouTube. Things marketers plan for, and many more things that they don’t. Structured, and unstructured, content.

  • That’s where we come in. We’re Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, and content is in our DNA.

    We are a customer engagement agency that uniquely gets the intersection of brands, consumers, content and commerce. Deep insight into the consumer journey combines with deep expertise in the channels, devices and platforms they use to make decisions. The ability to not only develop a content strategy, but create, manage, disseminate and measure that content’s performance.

    MXM. Content-powered engagement for a hyper-connected world.


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